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Lesbian Spanking Lesbian Spanking Lesbian Spanking Lesbian Spanking

Spanking Story

Irene was an artist of pretty good stature. She had sold or showed a lot of her work. She was able to support herself and then some, so she was certainly successful enough. Heather was thrilled to be able to go to her party through her friend Janet. Anyone who didn't want to drive home was invited to stay over. Since Heather was driving herself and it was over an hour's drive, she planned on staying and let Irene know through an email.
Now here she was; 3 drinks and 5 hours into the party. Irene had been pretty cool and down to earth. Janet had already left an hour ago and now just a couple remained in the kitchen, talking with Irene. Heather laughed and added to the conversation once in a while, but she was beginning to zone out. She couldn't drink anymore. Irene noticed her yawning and nodded to her.
Heather was surprised to see no one else had stayed for the night. She'd though she was going to share the living room with a bunch of other strangers. If the couple didn't stay, she was going to be the only one. She hoped she wasn't imposing. Maybe Irene was just being polite by offering and really didn't expect anyone to take her seriously. This made Heather a little uncomfortable. She felt dumb.
Between the alcohol and the time of night, Heather was zoning out quickly. She quietly excused herself, whether they heard her she did not know because they were deep in conversation, and went into the living room. She picked the more comfortable of the 2 couches and lay down.
It didn't seem long before she woke up to Irene clinking glasses in the dishwasher and washing pans. Eventually, Irene walked into the living room. Heather kept her eyes closed so that she wouldn't have to deal with Irene's reaction to her staying. She felt a tug on her arm.
"Oh no you don't," Irene said sternly. "No guest of mine is sleeping on a lumpy couch. Come on, you can sleep in my room."
Heather opened her eyes to Irene standing over her. She allowed Irene to pull her up and guide her into her bedroom. Irene turned a soft light on which revealed a fluffy comforter and pillows.
"You can stay in my bed, I insist. Take off your shoes and get dressed for bed."
Heather had not brought anything with her. She sat sleepily on the bed and took off her shoes and socks. Irene walked out into the living room and sat down. Heather felt bad that she was taking her bed, but didn't want to question it. She just wanted to get toasty under the covers. She didn't want to be disrespectful or get her sheets dirty, so Heather unsnapped her jeans and wiggled out of them. Her cotton bikinis slid down a little and she adjusted them. She thought Irene might be able to see her from the other room, but she did not want to look. If she wanted to look, so be it. She pulled off her shirt and took off her bra. Her body tingled with the thought of someone watching her undress. She put her cotton shirt back on and climbed under the covers.
As she closed her eyes and settled in, she heard Irene walk into the room. She could hear her pulling off her clothes. Heather peeked from half closed eyes. She wanted to see if Irene was going to get into the bed. Irene's black leather thong was already revealed. Irene looked at Heather as she unbuttoned her sleeveless shirt. The buttons were methodically undone and her breasts became exposed in the soft light, from inside her black bra. Irene unsnapped the bra and then pulled it off slowly from back to front.
Irene climbed inside the covers and nuzzled up against Heather, just enough for there to be a light contact. Embarrassed, Heather turned the other way.
"mhmm?" Heather sheepishly responded.
"Would you mind holding me? Call me insecure, but after drinking and breaking up with my boyfriend not long ago, I really need to feel secure. It's a little strange. You don't have to."
"That's okay," Heather answered obediently. "I don't mind."
Heather turned and spooned put an arm over her. Irene took her hand and held it to her stomach. Being close to Irene like that was a little strange, but it felt cozy. It almost felt like she was holding a lover. Irene moved Heather's hand slowly around her stomach. Heather did not object. She then brought it up to her breast and pressed it hard. Heather pulled back.
"I'm sorry. I just wanted you to hold me close by my heart. It just makes me feel more secure."
"That's okay," Heather answered again. "I just didn't know what you were doing."
"Would it make you feel better if we turned the other way? Why don't we. Then I can hold you and feel secure and you don't have to do anything."
Heather turned around without saying a word and Irene did likewise. Irene put her arm over Heather's stomach and held her close. Her warm breath warmed the back of Heather's neck. It actually felt soothing. Irene's hand went under her T-shirt and held her bare stomach. There was a pause. Then Irene's fingers massaged side to side. It felt nice. On the one hand it felt wrong, but on the other hand, her body craved touch. She allowed Irene to caress her.
Irene caressed and teased her stomach and made Heather's hips move a little. Irene took this as a cue and moved her hand up and down her ribs. Then she moved them over her stomach and hips and back up her ribs. She pushed her arm further inside her shirt and brought her hand up over her upper breast and pushed in. Heather quietly made a noise and shifted her hips.
Irene began kissing the back of her neck. Goosebumps appeared as her body tingled. Heather wasn't sure what to do. She didn't want Irene to touch her this way, but it felt good to her body. It was screaming for more touch. It was alive, half in fear and half in lust. Irene played with her nipple, which was erect and electric.
Irene shifted and pulled Heather onto her back. They looked into each other's eyes and Irene gently smiled. With both hands, she lifted Heather's shirt and caressed her stomach. Then one hand went under her shirt and teased her breasts as the other went down her stomach and began moving her fingers under the band of her panties. This caused Heather to hold her stomach in and squirm, involuntarily. Her body was screaming for touch. Heather did not want to be touched any lower than that. The fingers came back up her body and felt her stomach and legs.
Irene bent down and kissed her. At first, Heather didn't mind and kind of liked the touch of her lips. Then, her tongue probed for Heather's. Heather sunk her head into the pillow and resisted. She did not like the feeling of her tongue.
Irene's hands moved off her chest and went up her arms. She stopped kissing her and looked up at the head of the bed. She grabbed something and then grabbed Heather's arm. She quickly looped a rope around it and then the other arm, before Heather could figure out what she was doing. She tried to break free, but Irene was up on her knees and had the advantage. Heather tried to pull herself toward the end of the bed, but didn't get very far. Irene finished the task of tying her arms together and then tied the other end to a vertical rail of the brass headboard.
"Now you can just lay back and enjoy it. I promise you that you will enjoy it. You just have to give it a chance.
"I like you, Heather, and we're going to play for a while."
"No," Heather replied weakly.
"Yes," Irene answered dominantly. "You're all tied up with nowhere to go. Now let's see. You are way overdressed for the occasion."
Irene pulled Heather's shirt up from her stomach and revealed her breasts. She pulled the shirt up over her head and up to her tied wrists, where it stayed. Irene licked and kissed Heather's erect nipples. The fear and lust were still there inside Heather as she squirmed. Irene squeezed and pulled her nipples and breasts. Her back was arched as she squirmed. Irene looked down at her panties. She could not wait to unwrap her anymore. Her curves were so sexy. Her lips seemed to rise like a dome under them.
Heather suddenly felt the right side of her panties being pulled and broken off of her hip. Then the left side was torn apart and the panties were pulled up between her legs. Irene pressed her hand down on Heather's lips and grinded up and down her groin. When she pressed down to her butt, Heather could feel her ass hole react to the pressure. She could feel herself getting wet as Irene grinded up and down.
Irene suddenly turned Heather over onto her stomach. A few moments later, she felt the sting of leather on her ass. Irene was spanking her with a rider's crop.
"This is for resisting," Irene said sarcastically. She patted in a circular motion and lightly spanked Heather over and over. Heather squirmed and her body jumped as the spanking went harder. Her hips searched for a place that the pain wasn't.
Irene stopped and left the bed. Heather kept her face buried in the pillow. She did not dare look back. Irene came back and lifted Heather's left hip. She placed a towel under it and then lifted both hips so that Heather was kneeling. Irene caressed her stinging ass and felt up into her wet lips. She moved her fingers around and in and out. Heather's hips moved back and forth a little as she moaned into the pillow.
All of a sudden, she heard a buzzing. Irene spread her lips and placed a small, vibrating egg inside of her. It felt wonderful and Heather came a little almost immediately. Heather's hips quickly retreated when she felt Irene's hand spreading her ass. All of a sudden, Heather felt a gooey stick push inside of her ass. The pressure hurt at first, but once it was in, Heather surprisingly felt incredible sensation in both areas. Irene stroked and caressed her body, above and below.
Irene then crawled to the head of the bed and kneeled in front of Heather. She pulled her head up by the hair and pulled her into her now naked pussy. It was warm and wet. Heather knew what she was to do. Her tongue probed her and sucked her, producing moans of ecstasy from Irene. Heather moved her hips up and down as she obediently pleasured Irene. There was only sensation and instinct at this point. Heather did not question what was happening and just surrendered to her body. It wanted sensation and completion. She was going to give it to herself and Irene. Soon they were getting excited off of each other's moans and they started to shout and scream their excitement. Irene gushed onto Heather's face. The cum was hot and wet. This caused Heather to reach the peak of excitement and she dripped down onto the towel underneath her. Irene shook and then collapsed on Heather. Between Irene's kisses and hair caressing her back, and the vibrators continuing to stimulate, Heather shook and came and shook and came until she passed out.
The next morning, Irene was still asleep when Heather woke up. She got dressed and quietly left. Later that day, she got a call from Janet.
"What did you think of the party," Janet asked.
"I wouldn't have missed it for the world," Heather answered. "Irene is as exciting in person as her art is.