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Spanked Blonde Spanked Blonde Spanked Blonde Spanked Blonde

Spanking Story

Bryan brought his truck to a stop at the side of the road, just before the old wooden bridge that ran across Pike River. He shifted into park and glared over at Diane.
"I said I was sorry," Diane said.
"I know," Bryan said.
Bryan stared out the windshield and off at the dusty road.
"You said it enough times," Bryan said. "You were sorry when you dropped my camera in the river. You were sorry when you left my cell phone at the gas station. And you were sorry when you left my $100 jacket out in the rain."
Diane didn't reply.
"Out," Bryan said.
Diane obeyed. She wasn't going to argue. She felt bad about her forgetfulness, and she knew that giving Bryan what he wanted would make him- and her, feel a lot better. Still, she didn't want to give in to him without a fight.
Diane hopped out of the truck and walked around the front towards the drivers' door. Bryan emerged from the truck and slammed the door shut.
"So where do we do this?" Diane asked.
"Under the bridge," Bryan said.
Diane carefully treaded down the steep hill towards the riverbank, underneath the old rickety bridge. Bryan followed, and tugged her by her arm out of view of the main road.
"Bryan, listen," Diane said. "I know I've been irresponsible. I know I've really ticked you off a lot this past month- but do you really think this is the best way to go about it?"
Bryan wasn't up for an argument.
"I want you to know I'm not fooling around, Diane," he said. "You are making expensive mistakes. And since you're not the one pulling in the paycheck every week, it's up to me to put some sense into you."
Diane sulked.
"I'm sorry," she said.
"I know," Bryan said. "But you're getting a spanking anyway."
Diane began to cry. It wasn't that she feared the pain, no, that didn't bother her at all. She hated that she had disappointed Bryan so many times. She agreed with his decision. She knew she needed some discipline. She just hated that it had come to this.
Bryan saw the tears swelling in Diane's eyes and his stern expression melted.
"Look baby, I don't want to do this to you," Bryan said, putting one arm around his girlfriend's shoulder. "I just don't know how to get through to you."
Diane began sobbing, and she wrapped her arms tight around Bryan's body. Bryan held her close and gently rocked her in rhythm with the wind.
"I know," Diane sobbed. "I know. I'm so stupid sometimes-"
"No," Bryan said. "You are not stupid. You are a very smart, intelligent girl. That's why I love you. That's why I'll always love you."
"I love you too," Diane whispered.
Bryan and Diane held each other for several minutes. Neither of them said a word.
Bryan felt the beating of Diane's heart thumping in sync with his own. He ran his hand through Diane's long blonde hair and kissed her softly on the cheek.
Diane was still for a minute, and she pulled away from Bryan and looked him straight in the eye.
"I'm ready," she said.
Bryan smiled lightly.
"Come on, then," he said.
Bryan sat down on a rocky incline, and shifted around until he got comfortable. He beckoned Diane to come towards him.
The tears were almost dry in Diane's eyes, as she stepped towards Bryan. Bryan looked Diane in the face, and shot his eyes downward towards her waist. She understood.
Diane unzipped her shorts, and slid them downward towards her ankles. Underneath, she wore white, frilled feminine panties. Bryan glanced at those and Diane slid them downward as well. Diane stood motionless as she waited for Bryan's next request.
"Over my lap, now," Bryan said.
Diane awkwardly stepped forward, hindered by her shorts and panties around her ankles, but she dropped down to her knees and leaned over Bryan's lap, placing her buttocks in the path of Bryan's palm. Diane placed her hands flat on the earth and closed her eyes.
"You realize this is no one's fault but your own," Bryan said.
Diane nodded.
"May I proceed?" Bryan asked.
"Yes," Diane said.
Bryan held her by her torso with his left hand, and with his right hand, he forcefully spanked Diane hard on her bottom.
Diane cringed in pain, but remained motionless.
Bryan spanked her again, harder. The reverberation off the smack echoed under the bridge. Bryan began a rapid succession of spankings, alternating between each of her cheeks, and landing others smack in the center of her buttocks. Diane clenched her eyes closed and held completely still, absorbing the shock of each smack into her system.
Bryan could feel Diane trembling against his thighs, and this hurt him. He continued spanking her fast and hard, and Diane's tender behind was starting to become quite red.
Diane was resilient, and she did not protest even when the pain became almost unbearable. Diane knew Bryan loved her, and he would know when enough was enough. Diane held her ground, and endured the punishment all the way to its fiery conclusion.
At last, Bryan laid one final smack upon Diane's now throbbing buttocks before setting his hand aside. His handprint was now embedded in red on Diane's bottom many times over.
"Okay, baby," Bryan said. "I think you've learned your lesson."
Diane cringed in discomfort as she attempted to bring herself back to her feet. Bryan helped her back up, and Diane reached around and tenderly touched her backside.
"How red is it?" she asked, turning away from Bryan and looking back over her shoulder.
"Pretty red. Nothing a few days and a cold bath won't fix," Bryan said.
Diane turned to face Bryan.
"Thank you," she said.
Bryan nodded.
Diane stooped down and pulled her panties back over her bottom. Her reddened buttocks stung as she dragged the fabric across her swollen skin, but she pulled her panties snugly in place before pulling up her shorts as well.
Once she was fully dressed, Diane and Bryan walked back up the hill towards the truck.
"Bryan," Diane said, climbing back into the truck. "You're not still mad, are you?"
Bryan smiled.
"Water under the bridge," he said.
They buckled their seatbelts, and Bryan started the engine and took off down the long, dusty road.