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Renee has a beautiful smile, but more significantly she also has an amazing ass. She thought she knew what she was getting into when she agreed to let us spank her on camera, but after the first few blows fell she was wiggling around and squealing in pain. She left with a smile on her face though, and a wet spot between her legs. Renee is one cherry cheeked girl we expect to see back again begging for more! Don’t miss a second of this sexy spanking action inside!
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Spanked Teen Spanked Teen Spanked Teen Spanked Teen

Spanking Story

Earlier in the day I washed my hair, and now it has dried in long easy curls, it needs brushing. I sit on the sofa and flick my hair to the side, gently I pull the thick black handled brush through my dark brown red highlighted curls, then flick my head to the other side and repeat.
"You're hair is so long." My husband looks up from behind his silver laptop and smiles at me. "You could easily put it in pigtails for me now."
I smile at him and see the lusty sparkle in his bright, amazingly clear blue eyes.
"Yeah I guess I could. Hmm I'll have to find some bobbles." I wink at my husband and throw my hair back over my shoulders. "Maybe I should find my school uniform to go with 'em too."
He lets out a low guttural moan and I jump to my feet giggling teasingly . "Ok love. I'll be back in a minute."
I feel the coil of lust tightening in my tummy as I run upstairs to the bedroom and pull the grey pleated skirt from the wardrobe. After removing my jeans and T-shirt I pull the skirt up over my legs, then make 1, 2, 3 rolls at the top to shorten it, bringing it a few inches above my knee. Next, is the size too small white blouse. I take off my bra and I pull the buttons tight and pray they don't pop before I get downstairs. I push my breasts up in the constricting fabric until a mantle of tit flesh can be seen between the two sides of the low "v" of the partially unbuttoned neck. Slipping out of my dark coloured knickers, I think about replacing them with pure virginal white ones, only problem is - I don't have any. Oh well, I shall have to go Au naturel. I'm sure Kev won't mind. A lewd smile crosses my plump pink lips as I envisage his reaction to my naked pussy beneath my skirt. With the addition of two bright read bobbles in my hair, one either side, I am ready and tip- toe coquettishly down the stairs into the living room.
"Hello Sir." I smile coyly as I walk towards my husband who's eyes run over me slowly from my school girl bunches to my knee high socks. "I've been a naughty girl."
"Have you now?!" Husband sits up in his chair. "Yes I can tell. You're not wearing a bra are you?"
"No Sir. I couldn't find one, Sir."
My eyes sparkle but I hold my gaze to the floor.
"I bet you couldn't find your panties either could you, slut? Lift your skirt and show me."
I run my hands down over my waist and grip the grey scratchy material between my fingers gingerly lifting it until my sparsely haired pussy comes into view.
"Naughty girl." My husband gulps, then swipes his tongue over his soft lips as he beckons me forward with a finger. "I bet you're enjoying it too." He pushes my thighs apart with one big soft hand then runs the fingers up my inner thigh until he connects with my wet lips.
He hisses as his fingers pry my lips apart and rub up and down my moist slit, gently bumping at my clit then poking gently into my hole.
"Am... Am I going to be punished, Sir." I ask, feigning terror.
"Yes." He replies. "Lie over my lap, you naughty slut."
I hang my voluptuous body over his thick, strong thighs and use my hands to balance myself there. My large breasts hang and swing, held painfully in check by the restricting blouse. I feel the back of my skirt flipped up and hubby's soft hand gently stroking over the curve of my large bottom.
A hard spank lands on my buttock and I cry out in shock more than pain.
Another lands on the opposite buttock and I feel my flesh wobbling with the impact.
"Naughty Slut." Another spank. "You wanted to get your teacher hot didn't you?"
"Yes. Yes, Sir." I gasp my reply, the barrage of slaps raining down on my bottom constantly, making me squirm.
"You wanted Sir to spank your naughty fucking arse didn't you?"
"Yes, Sir." I reply, feeling the hardening of his cock as it pokes into my soft stomach. My bottom is on fire now and each smack stings more than the one before, but still I feel my body zinging with arousal. He stops his spanking and his fingers roughly press into my slit, two fingers sink in with ease and gently oscillate back and to, back and to, back and to.
I groan my pleasure and press back against his fingers as well as I can, frustrated that I can't force him as deep as I would like.
"Stand up."
His fingers slither from my pussy and I rise to my feet. Kev stands with me and forcefully tugs open the buttons on my blouse, freeing my breasts momentarily before grasping them in his hands and kneading them with eager roughness. He steps back with a growl and removes his clothes, hurriedly, and with little care for where they land. Then he sits back on the sofa and I can see just how aroused he is. His cock is straight, hard and straining; the tip glistening with moisture. I automatically fall to my knees and lovingly take the red aching member between my lips. I can already taste the sweet stickiness of his precum lathered over his cock as I bounce my lips down the length of his cock and back up again. As I move, his hands wrap themselves around each trail of hair and pull me up until only my lips touch the tip of him, he then presses me down so I engulf the whole thing in my mouth. The tightness of my hair, the slight stinging sensation of the tugging, makes me moan as I lap, lick and suck at the big dick before me.
Roughly, Kev pulls me up and off his cock. He spins 'round on the couch, lying down, head on the arm and his cock sticking up wetly, inviting in the middle. Without hesitation I stand up from my kneeling position and lower myself down upon it.
"Oh Yes, Slut. That's it. Sink down on to Sir's cock. Yes, wrap your hot wet cunt around me."
Kev moans as I slide right down engulfing him completely inside my wet womanly folds. I begin immediately to ride up and down, needing to feel the friction in my cunt, needing just to be filled, to be stimulated. Kev picks up on my signals, and his sweet pouty lips seek out my taut, swaying nipples. He suckles on one and then the other, roughly tugging them between his lips then suddenly his teeth are brought into play and I yelp with aroused surprise, the walls of my pussy contracting with the sexy shock of it. The yelp makes him nip and bite more, the whole area of my breasts seem a target for his nibbling teeth. His hands join in too, squeezing and moulding my flesh, nails raking across the white but rapidly reddening flesh of my tender breasts. The rougher he treats my breasts, the harder I fuck him, and the more mini orgasms rack my body. I bounce and moan and sigh and yelp as he whispers all kinds of filth to me.
"Oh you're a dirty fucking slut, fucking teacher in front of the class. You like being watched don't you?"
I moan my ascent as I picture a class full of people around me, watching me fucking like a possessed beast.
"Get off me slut." Kev commands and I whimper but acquiesce, wondering what he might have in mind. I get an idea when he pushes me back, so I lay, legs splayed and back up against the sofa arm. He is suddenly between my legs, thrusting within me, faster and faster, using me for his pleasure and nothing more; the soft curve of his tummy slapping against my clit as he pushes in, causing me to shiver and shudder with every fuck motion.
"Oh yes, yes, Sir. Fuck me. Oh fuck, yes. Use my cunt, use me, cum in me. Oh fill me, Sir. I need to feel your cum inside me."
The words seem to egg him on and he moves harder and faster, making the sofa creek as he braces himself against the arm, pressing himself ever deeper inside of me and I can sense he is getting ever closer, harder and faster he fucks, hammering me back against the arm, my breasts and rounded tummy bouncing, my head thrown back , my mouth in a constant ooooh of pleasure. With a primeval grunt he holds himself within me and I feel his cock pumping out it's hot fluid into my hot and juice dripping sex. He kisses my neck as he relaxes and I feel his sweat soaked chest heaving against mine as he slips from between my legs. Sitting back he runs his eyes over me and I get an extra shot of passion and slip my hands down over my hiked up skirt to my lightly hair scattered pussy. I run my fingers through the juice slicked curls and dip down between my bloated sex lips and begin to rub against my clit. I've cum over and over, yet I can feel another orgasm pressing from just behind my pubis. I can feel it building as I play with my cum filled cunt; my husbands eyes fastened on my open body.
"Cum for me slut."
He growls the words, almost spiting them out. My pussy contracts from just the sound of them. His fingers plunge into me without warning and I yelp as his fingers see-saw back and forth inside me, keeping rhythm with my own fingers, pressing and rubbing against my clit.
"You are such a horny slut. You're going to cum on my fingers. You'd like to be covered in cum wouldn't you? Get the lads from your class to surround you as you finger yourself. Watch them as they pull on their cocks until they spurt all over you. Wouldn't you?"
"Yes, Sir." I manage to force those two words between my lips before the orgasm overtakes me, like a tall wave against a hard sea wall it hits me. Over and over with each pull and push of my husbands thick fingers I cum. Wave after wave after wave. Not a moment to catch my breath, not a second to think or to shout or to cry out. Just one endless rolling tide of ecstasy. As my body relaxes, my cunt finally sated, I notice how wet the couch is beneath me.
"You came so hard, juice was running down my arm." Kev tells me. "You've soaked that seat right through. I think naughty slutty girls who wet my furniture with their slutty juices should be punished. Same place, same time. Tomorrow night."
"Yes sir." I reply grinning, already anticipating the delights tomorrow night will hold.