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Brandy is a beautiful redhead babe with a sprinkling of freckles across her nose. When she first came into our offices she was a bit of a brat, claiming that being spanked didn’t hurt, it just made her wet. It was our pleasure to put that claim to the test, and in the end we both won. Brandy got a spanking she’ll never forget, and we got video footage that’s guaranteed to get you hard! Watch now as this gorgeous red ass model gets the spanking of her lifetime right on our casting couch!
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Spanking Pics Spanking Pics Spanking Pics Spanking Pics

Spanking Story

My excitement began in earnest as I pulled off the highway into the city. Thinking about the next few days made the six-hour drive seem like nothing. It was going to be my last weekend with an amazing woman named Tammy.
Tammy and I had dated and broken up a decade ago. Last fall we met to catch up and talk about old times, but ended up enjoying a night of amazing reunion sex. Despite the sparks and great connection of our visit we both agreed that trying to start up a long distance relationship was naïve. We decided to keep in contact and remain friends.
We emailed each other regularly, updating and small talking, and before long we eased into sexual topics. I wrote how much I enjoyed our reunion and she heartily agreed and wished we could have had more time. The emails then began describing how we would have spent that extra time with each other. I wrote increasingly sexual scenarios and she replied back enthusiastically, hoping they could be realized Living in different cities and having nothing to lose emboldened me to write her the fantasies I had not had the nerve to tell her in person, and she continually thrilled me by telling me how much they turned her on.
Soon the emailing became consuming. I dreamt up ideas at work all day and spent time every night typing them out. I looked forward to reading her replies as much as actually getting out and meeting someone new. The e-lationship was fun but I knew it had to be temporary. Eventually we'd both meet people who would not likely understand our little play.
I phoned her up to discuss the situation and she agreed completely. We would end the sexy talk. The conversation became heavy after that, as we understood that our friendship was likely over too since sex had been its foundation from the start. Even when we had dated our time was almost exclusively devoted to dreaming up ways to turn each other on. The downcast mood livened up quickly after she asked me if we could have one last real weekend together.
Her boss was sending her to the same city in which we recently reunited, which was just within driving distance. This time we could make the most of our time and perhaps live out some of my dreams. I could try out some of the things I had been too timid to try in the past with nothing to lose. It was too perfect an opportunity to pass up and I agreed to meet her. The month until the meeting was filled with daily emails and erotic planning. I fantasized about what I would like to do with Tammy and tried to determine just how dirty I should actually get. Finally I decided that since there would be no second chances I would push the envelope on this last weekend together. I felt the nerves and excitement in my stomach as I parked the car and entered the hotel. My luggage remained in my trunk for now. I had more important things to take care of.
Tammy opened the door to our room wearing a summer dress for the warm day and a bright smile for me. I said hello then grabbed her and began kissing. We held each other closely, feeling our heat and reacquainting ourselves with each other's bodies. My hands slid through her blond hair, along her sides and back while I passionately kissed her ears, her face and her neck. She was already melting. Tammy moaned as I caressed her breasts and squeezed her tight ass from under the dress. She really started to lose her bearings when I returned to her mouth and kissed deeply while teasing her over her panties. I slowly lowered them and told her to relax. She became suspicious, and rightly so as I showed her a little vibrator I brought along for some fun. Tammy was unsure, but couldn't help closing her eyes and groaning out loud as I placed the head of it between her legs. Her eyes widened as I kissed her and slid the toy into place. I played with her for a moment, gently fucking her with the toy, then bent down and pulled her thong up tightly. Once sure that the vibrator was secure I smiled, smoothed out her dress and grabbed her hand to lead her outside. Tammy was taken aback, but trusted me just enough to come with me to the elevator, toy still snuggly inside. As the elevator doors closed I told her that I planned to tease her with the vibrator as we enjoyed a lovely walk through the park. I gave her a sample of it by putting my hand inside her panties and turning it on. The vibrator's heavenly shock buckled her knees. She was too busy absorbing the erotic sensations to notice the elevator hit the ground floor. I turned the vibrator off as the elevator door opened. Tammy staggered along in tow through the lobby, contemplating the sexual torture she was about to endure.
I held her hand as we left the hotel and crossed the street to the park. She felt very self-conscious about the vibrator, walking awkwardly with her thighs together so that she would not lose it. But being in a different city where she hardly knew anyone, plus the fact that she was dying of horniness, made it possible for her to continue. We walked along a curving paved path surrounded by bushes and trees and found the park nearly empty. My hand slid over her ass, cupping it and squeezing it before venturing lower. I told her to bend forward a bit and spread her legs slightly. She obeyed. We could see people about a hundred yards away as I turned the slippery vibrator onto a low setting, just enough to make her want more. We continued our walk arm in arm, my hand caressing her from neck to ass. Tammy whispered that the steady pulses were making her tingle all over and that she was fighting the urge to touch herself. She almost didn't care that we were in public anymore. She was more excited than I realized. Suddenly turning to me, she rubbed my cock through my pants and asked me to take her back to the hotel so that I could fuck her. Suppressing my surprise at how well my idea was working, I kissed her back, fondled her breast and told her to be patient. She tried again by grinding into me and begging 'pleeeaase' while licking my ear. As much as I wanted to fuck her right there I wanted to continue the torture even more. I told her to be good, turned her around and playfully slapped her ass to continue the walk. I half expected her to slap me back, but she walked at my pace with a devilish smile and a flush to her cheeks. The only person we saw ahead was a pretty black-haired girl looking about 20 years old, sitting on a bench reading a book. When closed within 30 feet of the girl I turned to face Tammy, kissed her deeply and turned the vibrator up. As we made out she told me with trepidation that the girl was watching us. I broke up the kiss and continued the walk but Tammy hesitated. I could see that the increased sensation on her pussy was making her walking difficult. I also noted that I could clearly hear a hum from the vibrator. Tammy bounced up to me on tiptoe and told me between involuntary moans that the girl would be able to tell what was going on. I went for it, reprimanding her, telling her that she had to do as she was told.
Tammy, occupied and disoriented with the delicious buzz on her clit, did not have the capacity to stop me from bending her over right there and lifting up the back of her summer dress. She gasped with the realization that I was about to spank her right in front of the stranger. Tammy lifted her head to see if the brunette was still looking at us and found that they were staring each other in the eye. The brunette's mouth hung wide open in shock at what she was witnessing. At that moment my hand smacked her cheek and Tammy groaned out loud. While she was still bent over I turned the vibrator up even higher and louder making her groan out loud again before I straightened her up. Her face glowed red with a mixture of embarrassment and desperate need to be fucked. We passed the brunette with the vibrator loudly sloshing in Tammy's clearly soaking pussy. I stole a glance at the brunette and noticed with satisfaction that her cheeks were red too. Shortly past the girl we came across a maintenance hut surrounded by trees. I pulled Tammy off the path and into the hut for a bit more privacy. Something prevented the door from closing and I did not have the patience to figure out the problem. I practically carried her to the back wall and held her close. Tammy's eyes glazed over with lust and her voice was dry when she told me that she could not believe I spanked her in front of that girl. I pressed into her and kissed her, telling her between locked lips that I knew she loved it. My desperate hands, passionate kisses and throbbing cock made it obvious that I could barely contain myself anymore. Tammy tried to push me over the edge by sucking on my ear and whispering, 'I fucking loved it. I loved her watching you play with me like a toy, treating me like a slut'.
The words made me forget the rest of my plans. All I could reply was 'Oh god' and give her one last squeeze before reaching under her skirt. We stared at each other, reading the need in each other eyes. I started to pull her wet panties down. To her delight I changed my mind and just ripped them open instead. Tammy threw her legs open and I removed the boiling hot vibrator. We both reached down for my pants, kissing and licking as we fought to release my cock. Finally my pants fell to the ground. The look on my face told her that I could not wait for another second, and Tammy smiled realizing that the torture was over. I lifted up her dress, held her tight and watched her eyes as I entered her. The playing made her so sensitive that she reacted to every throb and movement like she was being electrocuted. Every stroke was obscenely loud, her pussy as hot and wet as a volcano. By then I was just an animal consumed by the need to fuck Tammy, to be as completely inside her as I could get and to feel her beautiful body as much as I could. I lifted the dress up over her head, leaving her entirely naked. She tore open my shirt and we hugged ourselves together, feeling our naked bodies and kissing each other's faces as we increased the tempo of our sex. Tammy grunts told me that a strong orgasm was building from deep within. Each stroke brought her closer to the edge. She begged me to fuck her even harder. I grabbed her around the waist and drove my cock into her as fast and deep and hard as I could. She was very close to cumming and it was going to be incredible. My cock throbbed even thicker as I drew close as well.
Her whole body tensed as a huge orgasm began to rock her body. Sounds of ecstasy forced their way out of her lungs. Tammy's cunt came around my cock, sending me over the edge too. We both swam in waves of pleasure for what seemed like an eternity. Once we regained our sanity we opened our eyes and smiled at each other, my cock still hard and inside her. We rocked slowly against each other, squeezing out a few more shivers of orgasm. We felt wonderful, but amazingly still full of sexual energy. Then together we heard a noise from the door of the hut. We snapped our attention to the door and saw the beautiful black-haired girl watching us. Her panties lay around her ankles and she feverishly masturbated her plainly visible pussy. Staring straight at Tammy she whispered a guttural 'That was amazing' before producing Tammy's vibrator and placing it into her mouth. With that she collapsed against the wall enjoying a screaming orgasm of her own.