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"Hey love! Did your parcel arrive?" My husband breezes through the door and walks towards me, bending over to lay a kiss on my cheek.
"Yes." I whisper, head hanging low, disgusted by what I had done but unsure of how to confess it. How do you tell your husband that you just fucked a stranger?
"What's the matter? You've not even opened the parcel. Vicky, What's happened?"
My husband sinks into the soft sofa beside me, and wraps his arm around my shoulder, squeezing me gently. I glance up into his compassionate blue eyes and I break out a loud and un-lady like sob. The tears flow and he pulls me close, burying my face in the crook of his neck, holding me and stroking my back. I cling to him, unsure whether this may be the last time I feel his arms around me.
"Kev," I lift my head up and pull away from him, swallowing my sobs and determined to confess. "Kev. I've done something terrible." I fiddle with the hem of my skirt, my eyes training intensely on my fingers, and only flicking up to his face occasionally. The rest pours from my lips, like water from a jug, cold and fast flowing, shocking as it splashes.
"There was a knock at the door and I 'd just got into my uniform ready for you to come home so I ran down to the door and answered it with my pigtails and top and skirt and everything on."
I stop for a breath,
"And it was a guy with this parcel and he had no pen so I told him to come in whilst I found one and I got his shirt dirty with ink and he said I was naughty oh, and Kev he spanked me and had sex with me."
There I've said it.
"I didn't want it, least my head didn't want it, but my body, my stupid, lustful body did. Oh Kev, I'm so sorry. I'm so, so sorry!"
Sobs wrack my body and my hands cover my face, I feel sure Kev will yell at me, at any moment, he'll yell at me.
"Vicky," the soft tone surprises me, I look up into his eyes and they're not harsh and bitter, but soft and loving. "Vicky, I love you. I love you with all my heart, always." his arm wraps around me again, squeezing me close. " It does kinda hurt to think of you having sex with another man without me knowing, but Vicky, it's not the sex that annoys me, it's that I didn't know, that it happened without my knowledge that pains me. Sex is just sex and I know what we have is special, and a simple fuck isn't going to change that."
"Really?" my head snaps up and I look into his eyes, "Really? You're not going to divorce me?"
"No, of course not baby. You're my wife, the love of my life. I'm not going to loose you over this." His eyes are gentle and their soft glowing love makes me sob again, a smile crossing my face as my heart leaps with exhilaration.
"Vicky, if you want to fuck other people, I don't mind." He smiles and I smile shyly back.
"Well." I sniff, wiping the back of my hand and wrist across my eyes, " I did kinda enjoy it, well, apart from the massive feelings of regret and guilt. I, I, enjoyed the sex but not the guilt trip I sent myself on."
"Remember sweetie, we've talked about this before and I always said I was happy for you to be with another man or woman even, if you wanted it." gently his hand strokes my back, comforting me, helping me calm down and exciting me at the same time.
"Anyhow, tell me about it, I wasn't here but I want details, I want you to tell me every little detail."
"Are you sure?" I hesitate, still not believing I'd gotten off so lightly for my indiscretion.
"Sure, I need to know exactly what I'm punishing you for don't I? I need to calculate the spanks accurately!" He winks at me, and my stomach rolls with the promise of future foreplay and sex.
"Well ok, basically when he came in I went to find a pen in the drawers of the desk but," I chuckle, "I forgot how I was dressed and when I bent over he could see right up my skirt."
"Show me." He asks, pressing gently on my back, so I stand up and walk across the room, aware of his eyes upon me as I bend over, as I did just an hour or so ago. The loud moan that follows makes me jump a little, as the sound originates just behind me.
"He had a great view from here! Stay there, just as you are, and tell me the rest."
"Well I splashed his shirt with ink and he said I was a naughty girl. He told me I needed a spanking, and well I got scared then, but he got all threatening and I bent over the desk and he flipped up my skirt..."
My skirt is lifted up over my back, exposing me to my husband's sight.
"...and he spanked me, Oh Kev he spanked me so hard that it made me sob out loud."
A hard slap hits my cheeks, then another yet harder, and another harder one still that makes me yelp and bite my bottom lip.
"Slut. You're such a slut. You loved every moment didn't you? You loved teasing and fucking some stranger didn't you?"
"Yes!" I moan out, "I wish you'd seen it."
"Hmm maybe that can be arranged in future!" his hand thwacks down on my exposed, raw flesh again and I groan with pleasure. "Now keep telling me your sordid tale, slut!"
"Well he spanked me for a few minutes, then he must have got himself good and hard as he shook down his pants and shoved his hard cock into my, shamefully, wet cunt."
A zip, a fall of clothes and my husband's cock is inside me, thrusting into my sopping creamy pussy.
"Did he fuck you hard like this?" my husband moans, gripping my waist in his soft hands,
"Oh yeah, but not this good, not this full, not this satisfying.."
I feel my face rubbing against the desk as Kev speeds up, fucking me deeper and deeper.
"Where did he cum, slut?"
"He came all over my face." I reply.
"Next time, I'd like him to fill this sweet cunt, I think I'd enjoy the feel of my cock squelching inside of you, your juices and his combining to make you wetter than wet."
"Oh yes!"
"Or maybe, vice versa, I could fuck you, fill you and let him have the sloppy seconds, you don't mind do you slut, as long as this cunt is filled. Mmm, maybe we could pick a slutty hole each, filling your mouth and cunt, or your arse and cunt at the same time, yes, yes, you'd like that wouldn't you?"
His sweet, sexy voice combining with the dirty images it's conjuring brings me closer and closer to orgasm, my pussy spasming in pleasure as his cock fills and fucks me.
"I know what you would like, you'd like him to come in this wet, sloppy, cunt and then have my head bury itself between your thighs and lap and lick and suck every last drop of it from you."
I groan loudly, this was a fantasy of mine, a fantasy he knew about and the added thrill of maybe it being able to happen, to have my loving husband suck another mans cum from my cunt, brings me close to orgasm.
He slips out of me, eliciting a gasp of longing from my lips, he grabs me by a pigtail and drags me over to the couch, when he pushes me down and kneels in front of me, spreading my knees to either side of his head. His lips caress my nether lips and I writhe ,bucking with every jolt of heat and pleasure to my pussy, feeling it diffuse through my body, my skin tingling and pulling tight.
I imagine my cunt filled with hot cum, I imagine that my husband is now eagerly sucking it from me, devouring the mix of juices and I spasm, scream and gush juices all over his face as he sucks and licks and nibbles.
"My turn!" he quips as I open my eyes again, looking down on his juice covered face. "On your knees, slut. You've got some penance to be paid!"
As I drop to my knees, he stands up in front of me, his hard cock bouncing, beckoning to me to suck it. I lean in and gently press my lips against the pouting lips of his foreskin, teasingly I press my tongue gently into the little hole and feel his cock jump as I shock his unprotected cock-head. My lips part and slide down his still slick shaft, the musky taste of me lingering, the mixed scent of our sex flaring my nostrils and sending jolts of pleasure directly to my clit. Up and down I move my lips, knowing he wants me to pleasure him, to show him how much I love and adore, how much I want and need this cock, not just any cock but this one, this one belonging to the man I love. My eyes close and I moan in pleasure as he throbs and bobs between my lips, slipping him further and further in, one hand rubbing up and down his long shaft, one hand resting on his thigh for balance. I hear a faint whistle and feel as well as hear the loud crack as something hits down on my back, shocking my eyes back open, looking up I see my husbands belt resting in his hands, and above that his calm, sweet, sadistic smile.
"I told you it was penance!" he laughs and lashes down with his heavy leather belt again, the tip of it landing just at the beginning of my buttocks, the rest laying along my spine making me jump in shock. I go to take my head off his cock, but he wraps the belt behind my head pulling me in tighter against it.
"Ah, ah ah, my sweet slut. You're gonna keep your mouth on my dick until I spurt my hot cum down your throat, and don't you dare bite me, or you'll really be in trouble!"
I keep sucking, his belt still pulled taut round the back of my head. Unable to move I rub my hand up and down his cock, sucking and whirling my tongue around his sensitive tip until the grip is released and I can bob my head back and two in rhythm with my fist. The belt whips down, whistling and cracking over my white flesh, making it redden, I can feel the stripes smarting down my back and along the top of my buttocks, and between my thighs I feel myself dripping, my pussy throbbing even though it had been so recently satisfied, awoken again by this erotic beating, by this act of penance as I beg for forgiveness from my husband. The belt rests along my back, the tip resting between my buttocks and I know from the grip on my shoulders, the shaking of his thighs and the groans from his mouth that Kev is going to cum soon. Eagerly I pump my hand up and down and moan my appreciation as the hot cock-concoction flows down my throat, across my lips and drips off my chin.
"Good slut." He sighs and flops to the sofa, I lie with my head on his inner thigh, feeling his pulse throb as I stay kneeling between his legs.
"Now," Kev says, "I need to go and order something more from that website, and when the delivery man cums, this time so will I!"
I smile up at him,
"What's in my parcel anyway?"
He passes the grey plastic bag over and I rip it open, inside are several pairs of bright white cotton panties.
"You will be properly attired in the full uniform from now on slut." He informs me and I feel like I have just been promoted to a higher level of sluttiness.